Sunday, April 26, 2009


Things are new, drastic.
Did you know that I'm single now? Long story.
Did you know that I got a new job? It's at a catering company, and I'm basically a prep chef. I'm a little scared of losing a finger, but so far all I've got is a puncture wound in my palm from a dull paring knife.
Did you know that I'm graduating in a month?
I'm supposed to save my tax check for necessities like car insurance and you know, food, but I'm thinking instead of a new tattoo. That seems much more appropriate. I'm reeling lately! My whole world is slightly askew! I sometimes feel like I'm looking through a stereoscope; the depths are all off, the picture's a little blurry. But I'm excited, and my prospects are all over the place. I'm spending a lot of time reconnecting with some of my favorite people, frantically checking things off my to-do list, and waiting for my senior project to be over with (FRIDAY. OMG).
Since I'm couch surfing I'm without a computer, which is easy but inconvenient. And even though I really want to upload photos I've been taking, I can't. Instead, I check out laptops for two-hour intervals on campus and plug in my headphones, trying to cram all my work into an awkward amount of time. I've been listening to The Wrens a lot (time-machine to junior year of highschool? Sure, why not), as well as Stars, The Stills, TV on the Radio, Radiohead, and a Beirut album I can't figure out the name of. Times like these call for comfort music, all the old favorites and albums I never get tired of. But god, I wish I had some extra money for a few new CDs.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Concert madness

I never really go to show anymore, but this month I've been a fiend for bar concerts and house shows of local artists. Here's a list of who I've seen in the past few weeks:

Adam's (my platonic soulmate) band, Order of the Crimson Wizards (show here). They pretty much melted my face off.
Crossfox: I don't know these guys but their show was incredible. I'm going to another of theirs on Tuesday for free.
Queen Amina: Arlo's band
Ten Killing Hands: Chris' band, who I somehow never saw before
Yogoman Burning Band: holy jesus, this was danceable.
Apollo Ghost: don't know these guys either but they ruled the hosue show
Police Teeth: definitely worth it
Addition: always a good show.
Nicole Zapel at Three Trees Coffeehouse. This was especially rad because I didn't even know my dear friend was a musician until recently. AND SHE IS INCREDIBLE.