Friday, February 20, 2009

Prisons, prisons, everywhere!

I'm embarking on a a new adventure! Or rather, I'm making my first zine and its thrilling. For my human rights class we're pretty much allowed to do any sort of project on any topic related to modern day issues surrounding human rights, so I've decided to put together a "Prisons 101" zine. Apparently, zines are incredible. Before seeking out a way to integrate art and facts into an easily distributed and engaging format, I'd never given much thought to zines, but now that I'm on a roll assembling the content, I'm learning SO much, and the process is SO gratifying that even though I've only started my first one I'm making plans for all the next to come. What else do I want to learn about and share with others? I've been worried lately that once I graduate I'll lack the motivation to keep learning and seek out new things, but...maybe zines are the answer? Today I'm feeling driven and wildly proud of myself.

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