Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last night

Ladyfriends, originally uploaded by Little Box.

Thank god for these ladies. Recently I remembered that I have friends, most of whom I really haven't seen in the last few weeks while I've been feverishly working on school. But last weekend I made a point to see a few and Hailey and Allison came by last night to roll in laughter and consider the possible causes of my flat, hard chocolate chip cookies (Results: I forgot half of the flour. Normally they're spectacular).

I've definitely got senioritis, and really the only things I want to do are hang out with friends late into the night and watch YouTube videos. And make more zines (I finished my prison one today), draw, read, get creative, cook, rent movies, organize stuff, and make plans. So, pretty much all I DON'T want to do is go to school. Go figure.

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