Thursday, January 22, 2009


No, I can't believe that I've been so morbidly negligent of this blog. Even though no one reads this, I still feel theres some sort of importance in maintaining it, but obviously not enough so that I actually DO it. There's just too much lately! I'm amazed I've even been keeping my real journal lately, something that ranks higher on the list than littlebox, but still. Its just that the longer I'm in college, the more my interests get neglected, and even when I set out to make a concerted effort to do something, it rarely measures up to what I had in mind. Case in point: I'm finally writing on here, but what about? GEEZ. Photography has dropped to the bottom of the list, illustrating is slightly higher, journal's at the top, and somewhere in the middle is all the crap I'm required to do and the terrifying necessities of senior projects and post-graduation plans.

I'm really trying, but its hard to do all these things without stretching myself too thin. I just started an internship at Allied Arts of Whatcom County (I figured I'd better do something relevent since the Children's Museum went under and am thus unemployed). I'm hoping that eventually they might be able to give me some pointers on senior project ideas or even a REAL JOB when that becomes imminent. But in the meantime, its nice to have something worthwhile to do before classes start at noon or 1 instead of loafing around and hating myself for it. I'm also making an effort to go to the gym at least twice a week, since the past few years have allowed me to get flabbier and pastier by the day (YUM!). So there's that, and then my drawing assignments, research projects, and the clear, looming reality that in just a few months I will be a grown up. Or something.

Is it so much to ask for a really fun job with a cool boss that incorporates art where I won't have to call any strangers and I get long lunch breaks? Yes? Well then. Since I might have a few months to kill somewhere in there, I was thinking of roadtripping somewhere in the states to do some WWOOFING. Hopefully with horses, somewhere warm, on a farm thats not actually a cult disguised a farm. Hopefully.

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Beth said...

Sally.... you wanna WOOF in the USA? Well.... Youth Garden Project is hiring.... its an amazing work environment, you do get paid (a little)... you would learn a ton about farming and best of all.... you could spend the summer with ME!!!!! In MOAB!!!! What do you think about that? The apprenticeship is only a three month commitment so it could give you some time to think about the next step, and in the mean time we would be together..... swimming, sunbathing, gardening, scoping out the hot mountain bikers.... seriously think about it.