Saturday, November 22, 2008

Georgia Pacific Mill

GP, originally uploaded by Little Box.

These are photos I took of Bellingham's Georgia Pacific Mill, which once used to be the city's livelihood. Most of the buildings are already demolished or in the process in order to pave the way for a waterfront revitalization plan. While its fun to see the city progress, its also hard to say goodbye to the character if the mill.

Monday, November 17, 2008

These red days are over!

Incredible, originally uploaded by Little Box.

My darling blog,
Don't think I've forgotten you. Rather, you're always lingering in my mind as a dear old friend on the backburner and as soon as I get my life in order we'll be back together in no time. Besides my credit load, which I curse every day, these vibrant fall days have come to an abrupt end and now I'm left wondering when I'm going to get a grip on the impending 8 months of miserable weather. We'll see. As for right now, I'm counting down the days til Thanksgiving, reprioritizing my to-do list every day, and trying not to keel over from a brain aneurism. I'll try my best!