Saturday, October 11, 2008


Complete overwhelmingness has led me to neglect this blog once again, but I'm happy to say that it feels like I'm getting a handle on my last school year and things are looking up. I wasn't prepared for school to start, and this quarter was really a throw-yourself-in-headfirst sort of of time, so I've had to prioritize. One problem is that my favorite class, The Illustrated Journal (with my favorite professor of all time, Mary Cornish) has me journaling in a hard copy journal every day. That's usually a challenge for me as it is, and after I've output all day, I can't fathom the idea of this blog. But that's ok. I'm planning on buying a scanner pretty soon, so I'll absolve me blogger-guilt by scanning in the pages of my journal. Thanks for the idea, mom!

In other news, I was so busy that both Tucker and I completely forgot our 2-year anniversary, and we kept making plans for dinner and forgetting them. But today we finally followed through to eat at a place downtown we hadn't tried, Bayou on Bay, and were looking forward to a good Southern meal. I'd recently read a Stranger article on chicken-fried steak, something I've never tried, so we ordered that and jambalaya (my last-meal dish of choice). Well, I was totally smitten with the steak (Steak? Fried? Why, YES, thank you!), but the jambalaya was completely lacking. It was dry, devoid of any spice, skimpy on the shrimp, and riddled with overcooked, underflavored chicken. Really? Zatarain's jambalaya out of the box is so much better in so many ways. Good thing I just picked up about 12 boxes of it.

Good news: two days ago we could see our breath in this house, and it was so frigid without heat that I literally slept in
1. Full body thermals with sweatshirt and socks
2. Sheets
3. Two wool blankets
4. One fleece blanket
5. Two down comforters

And I'm not even usually that cold. But after a battle with Windermere we finally got some heat in here, and OH MY GOD LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOURE WARM. It might help if the house was insulated, or devoid of cracks, but HEY. Paying a fortune for heat is so not even bothering me right now because I can feel my fingers as I type which is like a whole new world of happiness. Next up: Point out that our furnace is breaking about a bajillion fire codes and may be hazardous to our LIVES. Hopefully, with enough arguing and threats, they'll replace it with a furnace thats NOT 60 years old.

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