Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Problem With Blogs

I really do have a problem with blogs. Theoretically I love blogs, but my problem is one of COMMITMENT. Yeah, this blog seemed like a good idea when I was writing down a list of my summer goals, but then stuff came up. I went camping, visited my family, had a few too many trips to the emergency room and started school. And suddenly there was too much stuff to catch up on and I just let it snowball from there. But the real problem is this: I can't let my blog go because then it would be a personal failure. Also, I already printed out a hundred business cards with this URL underneath my email. Go figure! I guess I was hoping that once I designed the perfect business card, lovingly assembled them at the printers, and started distributing them, there would be enough pressure for me to maintain this blog that eventually it would sink in like an old habit: write often, preferably every day. I'm still hoping that works in fact, even though I've only found two people to give my card to so far. One of those people is my mom. Oop.

But still, I'm here, I'm typing and I'll be damned if I'm not enjoying it!

My problem remains, though, that I really do have too much to talk about at this point in time. I can't possibly fit it all in one blog! And if I could, the transitions would be terrible! Also, it would probably bore you anyway! So I guess I have to let go of all the undocumented hilarity/tragedy in my life right now (mostly hilarity) and hope I have the gumption next time around. I really am going to try.

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