Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Probably against my better judgement I've put in my two weeks' notice at both my jobs...a bad idea because I actually DO need money and without jobs I make none. But I'm hoping to come up with something that'll pay me more just every so often and then I can keep my weekends free as well. After all, pretty soon I'll have a job FOREVER and I better savor the freedom while I have it. But MAN. There are things I'm certainly going to miss from the museum. There is this duo, Caitlin and her dad, who always come and always make my day. Caitlin and her adorably devoted father make the cutest team, and Caitlin is always thrilled to scream "daddy!" even if she's just seen him ten seconds earlier. Just now before I started typing this they tapped on the glass from outside and she pressed her face against the window, her huge grin getting all sloppy on the glass and waving to me goodbye. THAT I will miss. That and my incredible boss.

UPDATE::: I definitely begged my boss to take me back on my last day of work. I'm staying after all! Good thing, because the thought of ACTUALLY leaving the museum was making me heartachey.

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