Sunday, August 24, 2008

Between a Closet With No Shelves and Another Closet With No Shelves

So my promise to myself to blog ALL THE TIME THIS SUMMER clearly is not going as planned since its been 15 days since I blogged last and that obviously means I will NEVER reach my goals of becoming dooce. Oh well. A lot has happened and all of the sudden August is nearly over and I'm feeling the onslaught of fall/school/the end of summer for a WHOLE YEAR a little too soon. I truly don't know what happened, but even though school doesn't start until September 24th I'm still feeling overwhelmed with the upcoming quarter and depressed about the fact that its pouring outside and has been for the past four days. Boo.

I've been really busy doing a lot of things which DON'T include making money (except today, because I'm at work right now, isn't that fun?) and not making money is kind of a problem because I'm reals broke and can't seem to communicate that idea effectively to my hands as they keep pulling out my debit card to spend on even MORE pizza/sushi (at least, yum). Here's what I've done:

Moved into a new place with Tucker.
Gone home to visit my sister who's up from Utah for a bit.
Gone to the Radiohead concert.
Sliced my thumb open and gone to the ER.
Worked at a REAL job like, once. Today.

Moving has been exciting/gratifying/really drawn out. Its thrilling to put each thing away, watch our little house materialize into a real-life house, and decide where each item will live. But its also ridiculously slow, namely because our house has only a few closets, none of which have shelves (pantry included. What?). Tucker has been deemed the handyman, as always, and I have to pretty much hunker down and wait for him to finish the 3o projects I proposed to him. I suppose I could tackle The Closet of Stuff I Don't Want to Deal With, but that would be boring. And I would probably cry. So I'm procrastinating. Anyway, where should I store the printer that's out of ink (and whose cartridges cost $40) and the scanner whose cable I don't own? Sigh.

I was planning on Radiohead being the highlight of the summer- the tickets did put me out $55, but it was kind of a letdown. For one, it took four hours to get from our house to the amphitheater. Secondly, I'd never been to a seriously huge concert before and had no idea what I was getting myself into. The crowds (20,000? 30,000?), the painfully ill-planned parking arrangement (it took an hour to get from our parking to the road), the rain, the distance from our spots on the lawn to the stage...
Granted, I'm still glowing when I think about experiencing the music firsthand. I've been listening to Radiohead really loud and pondering the brilliance behind every song. But I would never do it again, for sure. I wish I could time travel to when Radiohead wouldn't consistently sell out shows in every town to 30,000 people, I wish I could go to a real venue and see them, but I can't, boohoo.

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