Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hmmmm, so I've caved in and actually listened to the nagging little voice that won't quit saying "BLOG. BLOG. BLOG. DO IT. SIT DOWN AND BLOG." It's hard for me because I know it'll be good for me as a writer to be writing often, but until now my blogs were only every month or so, after I felt I'd saved up enough interesting material for an a few pages or so. But that's not what I'm going for with this blog, so I'd better get used to my own strict rules. Summer is hopping along and I'm thrilled because I have a few days off from both my jobs at the Children's Museum and the flower shop. As a result of my weird off and on schedule (6 days of work? And then four days off? A day of work? Where am I?) I've been totally disoriented as to what day it actually is and whether or not enough hours have passed in the day to warrent another meal (answer: yes, always). Thus, as I was wandering around the little storefront for the garden near my house (that supplies unworldly organic produce for a frightfully cheap price) I noticed thte signs saying that the store would be closed Fourth of July and Tucker and I sort of looked at each other with hopelessness. Oh yeah, it's actually July now. And the 4th is...two days away? Cool. I don't even know what you're supposed to do on the 4th of July if you don't have a boat and really tan thighs. I have neither, so my tentative plan is to get intoxicated at an early hour and spend the day searching out freebies at barbeques, fireworks, and possibly a croquet tournament. Croquet is never as fun if you don't have a jar of rum and coke. Sounds like a good day to me, and I'm blissful that I won't have to work before OR after.

In the meantime, between editing the 750 wedding photos I recently took (whew!) and the writing group tomorrow, I better finish up the ultimate dance mix I've been working on to properly cement the essence of summer fun into my memory forever. You know how it goes.

Playlist so far (not necessarily in order):

Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Calvin Harris: The Girls
Mika: Love Today (I'm iffy on this one...)
Hot Chip: Out at the Pictures
Calvin Harris: Dance Wiv Me
Annie (Alan Braxe remix): Heartbeat
Cut Copy: Lights and Music
Calvin Haris: Acceptable in the 80s
Europe: Final Countdown (you know it.)
Scissor Sisters: Get it Get it
M.I.A.: Come Around
Cut Copy (Chromeo remix): Future

I still need about 7 or 8 more songs for it to feel complete. Now if only Acquisition would stop denying my download access...

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