Friday, June 27, 2008

A prelude to the real blog

Whoa. This blog has been a bit daunting for me to think about starting. Not because I dread writing, or because I can't think of anything to write about (painfully the opposite right now, actually), but I feel the need to introduce myself to the blog. Despite the fact that I'll probably attract no more than four regular readers, still. I can't just dive headfirst into posting all of my nonsense about work, about summer, about how I am really, immeasurably proud of the fact that I embroidered a fairly large robin onto my bag the other day (though it did take...well, seven hours. Oops!). No, I need to talk my way into this blog relationship, build on it, get comfortable, and THEN share the secrets. Or, at least, write this silly introductory post so that I feel I've met my personal requirements.

So, as I would do in person,

Sally: "HI, BLOG."
Little Box: "Hi Sally. Don't write in all caps, it scares people. It makes them think you're angry."
S: But this is how I EXPRESS MYSELF! You'll just have to deal with it."
LB: "You're a little grating."
S: "Look, sorry, let's get to know each other. Would you care for a drink?"
LB: "Sure, thanks, and do you have something I could munch on?"
S: "Well, yeah, let me whip you up a little shrimp cocktail or something."
LB: "I love shrimp! How lovely."
S: "See, we have so much in common! Let's be friends."

Whew. Now that THAT'S over with (I apologize for the caps, I really do, but its simply a habit I cannot break, and plus, I don't want to. So there.) we can get started. I named my blog Little Box for the poem I found while skimming a college textbook. I was flipping through the pages remembering how there had been so many little phrases that spoke to me, phrases that I'd be okay with representing, ME and ALL THINGS WRITTEN BY ME, and so forth. But I hadn't seen this poem before and when I read the first line the hair on my arms stood up and I ate that poem whole. I've read it so many times since then, considered how closely I relate to it and how I feel as though that poem is lodged somewhere in my bones and I'm okay with that. So the poem is on the sidebar, now and forever and you, too can read it whenever you wish and get a little shiver every time.

That said, I am concluding this first post. Now that I've gone and done formal introductions (or some ragged semblance of them), I can't figure a way to gracefully launch into my countless pages of crap I'm positive I could produce, because that just wouldn't flow right. So, hopefully throughout this long and fairly lazy summer I'll find a billion opportunities to start the extensive process of transferring the whirlwind of junk flying around in my brain onto this handy virtual journal-thing. Because typing is so, so much easier than actually writing.

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